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Youngster Overhauls today's Urban Transport Habits (YOUTH)

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The YOUTH project aimed to promote a culture of participative policy development in European cities by helping young people to have their say about renewables and energy efficiency in transport. The project was undertaken in four European cities: Berlin (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Gdynia (Poland) and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Young people themselves campaigned their ideas about renewables and energy efficiency to peers and adults, to the media, to the public and to policy makers. YOUTH had two principal aims: To promote understanding of smarter energy use in respect to urban traffic; to demonstrate value of the active participation of the younger generation in the decision making processes of local transport policy.


  • Youthful campaigning of intelligent solutions of energy efficiency in transport from youngster to peers via media productions like films and a poster exhibition and a competition between schools and youth groups.
  • Virtual platform for youngsters' communication between the participating cities, to present YOUTH project, to allow a direct communication with youngsters and youngsters' feed back to the YOUTH process, to give opportunities of participation and controlling of implementation
  • Award shows for youth groups in the participating cities and youth exchange to present youthful ideas in other cities involved and to disseminate experiences.
  • Touring exhibitions with contributions from the competition through the involved cities and additional 10 cities in the old and new Member States.
  • Active participation of young people in policy decision making process of urban transport policy and adjustments and implementations following their suggestions and mobility requirements.

Lessons learned

  • First lessons learnt have come from the YOUTH participation in designing YOUTH logo. From July to November 2007 workshops with youngsters have been organized in Berlin, Bucharest, Gdynia and Rotterdam. The idea of workshops aimed to involve youngsters in the decision making process from the beginning and to integrate their opinions about energy and transport in the YOUTH project as an important and essential part in the action.
  • During the YOUTH Competition events pupils who participated in the YOUTH lessons presented their ideas on reducing CO2 emissions related to transport in their region. These presentations were combined with short movies about climate change made by pupils, discussions with politicians and other activities such as surveys.

Partners and coordinator

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Arnhold und Ünsal Partnerschaft - Partnerschaftgesellschaft für Organisations- und Personalentwic
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Heidemarie Arnhold
0049 30 23607590


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01/01/2007 to 30/06/2009
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