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Young Energy Savers (YES)

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YES is an exciting new animation project that raised awareness among children about energy production and consumption. The project was led by animators, international environmental organisations and children from five European countries and resulted in the creation of a cutting-edge three-part animated film, which was freely available to broadcasters across the EU. Three eight-minute episodes covered issues from energy efficiency at home, renewable energies and energy-efficient transport and were produced in English and translated into several languages. YES enabled groups of children to get hands on experience of working with award-winning animators and environmental experts to create a project that is truly innovative. The animation was also accompanied by a teaching pack for use in schools across the EU. The pack gave pupils an opportunity to explore energy issues in more detail, and of course have fun too!


  • Three eight-minute episodes were produced and are broadcasted in 18 countries, and in 17 languages versions. Clips can be viewed on
  • 25 million of homes will be reached by the broadcasters committed to air the series
  • 10 broadcasters have acquired rights of the episodes for two years and for unlimited transmissions
  • A teaching pack that complements the animations is downloadable from
  • Topics covered by the animation are energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and sustainable mobility.

Lessons learned

  • Effective energy policy communication requires the involvement of the target group to analyse and identify needs and to define messages and formats appropriate to the target audience. By applying this methodology to YES project we have achieved important results both in terms of distribution of the content developed and understanding of the messages and appeal of the format to the kids involved in the pedagogical evaluation
  • Children museums have proved to be excellent partners to design and develop communication and educational campaign to children. They can provide both support for formal education, by leveraging their contacts with local schools (which represents about 70% of their visitors), and for informal education, by linking with their daily activities at the museum (which are carried out with hundreds of thousands of kids every year).
  • Kids are more and more exposed to a multi-platform learning environment where new channels such as internet, TV, social media complement traditional channels such as schools, families and peers). There is a need to provide positive content to enrich their learning experience from these new platforms. With specific reference to YES project, TV is THE medium to reach our target group (i.e. kids aged 5-8) with intelligent energy messages.

Partners and coordinator

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Business Solutions Europa Limited
United Kingdom
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Luigi Petito
+ 32 486 619 818


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01/09/2008 to 31/08/2010
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