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Young Energy Efficiency (YEFF)

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With the financial crisis hitting Europe in the past few years, the interest in climate change has decreased in the public discussion. This makes it especially important to re-establish the protection of the climate as a topic. The financial crisis has also especially affected young people across Europe. They have a hard time finding a job and/or maintaining their lifestyles. At the same time, they have little experience in managing a household and to monitor and save costs. This generates a strong incentive for them to learn how to save money in their everyday life and creates an opportunity for campaigning for energy efficiency.  Young Energy Efficiency (YEFF) focuses on young adults aged between 18 and 29, accounting for around 64 million people throughout Europe; YEFF will communicate motivating incentives to save energy. The communication and campaigning will be tailor-made for the target group. This will mean to put an emphasis on their daily needs and motivations, as well as using the preferred media and communication channels of young adults (e.g. social media campaigning, not advertisements in newspapers, mobile devices, peer-to-peer communication). Besides, YEFF focuses, adequate to the target group, to behaviour change and small investments in order to save electricity and energy for space heating. It will give direct feedback on energy saving measures and thus lead to further motivation.


  • Establishment of 8 web portals in responsive design for mobile use and 16 social media channels dedicated to energy saving with young adults; Creation of a network for young energy efficiency including universities, media, enterprises and existing apprentice and students networks. Furthermore, contacts to existing projects and networks will be used throughout Europe;
  • Roll out of an Energy Index Tool (EIT) and mobile versions in responsive layout. 8 fully branded EIT versions (Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), Belgium (Wallonia), Denmark, Sweden, Austria). Tool usage in total: 35.000 throughout the project duration;
  • Roll out of an App that is used for online competitions & will be available in App stores in respective partner countries. 8 fully branded Apps will be available. The App enables young adults to share, vote, contribute & comment. This kind of media use that allows immediate action & participation is widespread in the target group and makes tailor-made campaigning in the consortium countries possible. The App allows the integration of media partners like MTV/VIVA into the online campaigning too;
  • 7 million people reached within the campaign through media activities (online and offline), 1% are taking action (accounting for 70,000 activities to reduce electricity or space heating energy consumption);
  • YEFF is expected to yield savings of 21.37 GWh during the projects campaigning time of 21 months.

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co2online gemeinnutzige Beratungsgesellschaft mbH
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Mrs. Tanja Loitz
Ms Claudia Julius


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28/06/2014 to 28/01/2015
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