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Co-operation between communities for Energy Action Plans (WISE-PLANS)

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Four communities from Wales, Italy, Sweden and Spain worked co-operatively towards the objectives of the Europe's Sustainable Development Strategy and its policies for sustainable energy. The aim was to identify requirements to mitigate the impacts of the production and supply of energy, to reduce emissions of CO2 from fossil fuels and reduce dependence on external resources. WISEPLANS' objective was to create Sustainable Energy Action Plans in each community, taking advantage of cross-referral between all partners in order to derive relevant, common methodologies; this lead to the production of high-grade, community-scale plans for a more effective use and management of local energy resources. Guidelines for best practices to plan Sustainable Energy Communities were defined and disseminated to a wide community, at both national and European levels, so that further replications may be implemented more easily and at lower levels of cost.


  • Adoption of Sustainable Energy Action Plans for communities in ecologically sensitive regions including natural parks, urban and rural areas
  • Exchange of knowledge on energy solutions already adopted in the communities to improve environmental and social conditions
  • Engagement of local actors to support the future implementation of the Plans
  • Promotion of the replication of the Action at both national and European level, through the preparation of general guidelines on developing and adopting sustainable energy action plans

Lessons learned

  • The development of a common methodology of work to deliver sustainable energy communities allowed to identify the key phases of the process: analysis of social, economic and energy aspects of the communities, involvement of stakeholders, identification of priority for action and finally selection, in accordance with local authorities, of the actions listed in the approved Action Plans.
  • It is essential to set, from the beginning of the planning process, clear and realistic objectives as regards improvement of energy sustainability indicators and to realize some demonstrative actions very early in the process.
  • It is necessary that the local authorities that are leading the planning process have both a legal qualification to adopt a territorial (regional/provincial/municipal) plan in the field of energy and the capacity to raise resources and involve banks/private investors in the implementation of planned actions.

Partners and coordinator

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Consorzio Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino
Contact point: 
Dario Furlanetto
0039 02 97210234


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2007
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