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Analysis of administrative and grid access barriers affecting wind energy development in the EU27 – A toolkit for policy makers (WINDBARRIERS)

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The WINDBARRIERS project aims at gathering up to date and comprehensive information on the administrative and grid access barriers that obstruct the development of wind energy in Europe. It will quantify lead times for projects installed in 2007-2008, both onshore and offshore, across the EU-27. The data gathered covers inter alia the timeframe for getting the necessary permits, the costs linked to the process, the number of actions involved, the success and failure rate of the applications, etc. The data was obtained in the first year of the project from national wind energy associations, major utilities and project developers active in the EU. In the second year of the project, recommendations to governments will be made and disseminated by the consortium. This will be done by launching a report and by organising workshops in 5 EU countries, out of which 3 new Member States. The project (intermediate) results are also accessible on the website


  • Achieved: - Project website: - List of references on administrative and grid access barriers at EU, national and regional level: available at - 2 Working papers on perceived administrative and grid access barriers at EU and national level: available at - Indicators and 2 questionnaires to collect concrete figures enabling the analysis of administrative and grid access barriers: available at
  • Expected: - Quantifiable data on administrative and grid connection barriers per member state: planned for June 2010. - Recommendations for improving administrative and grid connection procedures, with information per country: planned for June 2010. - Dissemination workshops in Denmark, Poland, Spain, Hungary and another new EU member state: planned for June-October 2010.

Lessons learned

  • After the first 13 months, the following lessons were learnt: a/ The methodology: long discussions took place to define the criteria for the best representative sample of projects. In the end, the methodology still proved to be too complex and restrictive.
  • b/ Designing a questionnaire that will work everywhere and both off- and onshore was more difficult than expected because of different procedures in the different countries.
  • c/ Confidentiality of information proved to be an obstacle for obtaining more relevant answers. Last update: 28.10.11

Partners and coordinator

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European Wind Energy Association
Contact point: 
Dorina Iuga
0032 2 546 19 88
Mrs. Dorina Iuga
+32 2 230 18 09
Gloria Rodrigues
0032 2 546.19.40
Dorina Iuga
32 2 546 19 88


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01/12/2008 to 30/11/2010
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