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Web Integrated Network for Renewable Energy Sources (WIN FOR RES)

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The WIN FOR RES project consisted of an interactive, multimedia and multilingual web portal targeted at potential customers of small-scale RES installations. The portal was to be based on Web 2.0 and would include several communication tools through which citizens could find information on the installation of RES: blog, podcasts, downloadable information material with comments by users, directory of existing RES plants and installers, answers by experts and consumers' associations. This would have been available in five languages: German, French, English, Italian, and Spanish. Rating tools would have enabled users to evaluate the quality of answers received by other users, customers to evaluate the work done by the installers of their RES installations and experts to evaluate the quality of installed RES plants. The main objective of the project was to bring more transparency and higher confidence in the market of small-scale RES applications and clear knowledge to the final customer, so that he/she would know where to find a competent installer, to share opinions and get support from reliable information sources, experts, customers’ associations, etc.


  • Online interactive and multilingual web 2.0 platform including multimedia information on renewables and community tools to involve users, who can exchange their opinions and concrete experiences on small-scale RES installations: blog, questions & answers by users and experts, dedicated area to consumers and their rights.
  • Database of RES installations with information on their characteristics (e.g. cost, power production, etc.) and comments by users. Each owner of a small-scale RES installation would have been invited to register and upload a description of its plant, in order to share it with other users, give and receive suggestions, get comments.
  • Online directory of RES installers with rating by their customers, with feedback by customers on the service provided by installers. Users from each of the partners' countries would have been able to find installers in their area and see comments by their previous customers about provided service and products.
  • Contests on best installed RES, best RES installer and best answer provided by a user. The winner would be determined in each of the participating countries by the ranking resulting from votes by registered users. The contests would have attracted users and disseminated information about the project thanks to the award ceremonies organized as side events of important events on energy (e.g. national fairs, campaigns, etc.).
  • Physical meetings with RES market actors, stakeholders and users in order to diffuse awareness about the platform and its services as well as to facilitate networking and sharing among different subjects, developing physical communities besides the online virtual community.

Lessons learned

  • This project was terminated earlier than initially foreseen due to the numerous delays faced. These delays were mainly due to the technical challenges faced when setting up the web platform.
  • Creating a well working and attractive website is not an easy task. It is a complex process and needs a lot of time and effort. Especially, a lot of attention needs to be given to the drafting of the technical plan.
  • It is risky to provide one single partner with the responsibility for a core tool of a project -the progress and success of the whole project then depends on one partner. Furthermore, the partner responsible for this work and the WP leader should preferably not be the same organisation in order to allow proper control and implementation of any consequential measures.

Partners and coordinator

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Centro Regionale di Assistenza per la Cooperazione Artigiana Soc. Coop.
Marghera - Venezia
Contact point: 
Mr Maurizio Malè


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01/05/2011 to 04/05/2013
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