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Wave Energy Planning and Marketing (WAVEPLAM)

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Although wave energy cannot currently compete economically against mature technologies, the European wave energy resource has a great potential contribution in the electricity market, and at a technical level, different solutions, which offer a level of technical maturity comparable to other RES with a larger presence on the market, are currently being tested. The purpose of WAVEPLAM is to develop tools, establish methods and standards, and create conditions to speed up the introduction of ocean energy onto the European renewable energy market, tackling in advance non-technological barriers and conditioning factors that may arise when these technologies are available for large-scale development. This will be done by means of a series of activities geared towards supporting creation of an ocean energy market.


  • A detailed picture of the state of the art of wave energy, identifying existing technologies and those that are currently at demonstration phase. - A survey of the different non-technological barriers and conditioning factors that may hinder the large-scale development of wave energy and recommendations to minimise their effects, identifying the best practices in the EU and other pioneer countries to enable effective implementation of wave energy.
  • A methodology for site selection, not only based in the wave resource but also taking into account other important issues, such as conflicts of interests (interaction with competing uses), environmental impact, availability of grid connection points, harbours, shipyards, tidal and currents level, ocean bottom bathymetry and soil, etc.
  • A guideline for implementing wave energy projects oriented to the decision makers, promoters and investors will be published, tested and presented to these key actors.
  • A network consisting of project partners and other identified projects, platforms and agents from the EU and other countries (USA, Australia and Japan), with the objective of putting together the dispersed dissemination efforts for the overcoming of non-technological barriers to the development of wave energy.
  • Europe-wide dissemination of project results, exchange of implementation instruments and tools as well as on know-how and experiences between internal and external project partners.

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EVE-Ente Vasco de la Energía
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Guillermo Basañez
0034 94 403 5600
Jose Ramon Lopez


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01/11/2007 to 31/10/2010
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