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Development of Distance Learning Vocational Training Material for the Promotion of Best Practice Ventilation Energy Performance in Buildings (VENT DISCOURSE)

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Modern methods of education can play a vital role in increasing energy-efficiency in new buildings. Vent DisCourse adopted the distance learning method and applied it to ventilation - a core area of the energy performance of buildings. It targeted building professionals in an effort to stimulate the use of best practices in ventilation and addressed non-technological and cultural barriers via pilot training courses and awareness raising.


  • A 500-page textbook on state-of-the-art sustainable building ventilation, as reviewed by European experts, is available.
  • An on-line version using distance learning software has been developed. Trainee assessment exercises are included.
  • Modules are available on: principles of energy-efficient building ventilation; natural and hybrid ventilation; ventilation for urban buildings; energy-efficient mechanical ventilation; and the assessment of building ventilation.
  • 60 post-graduate students from six universities tested the training material which has been incorporated into an M.Sc. course at Brunel University. This distance-learning degree had an intake of 43 students for the 2007/08 academic year.
  • Self-training modules were published in the REHVA journal and translated into three languages. The printed journal reaches 5 000 HVAC engineers and the e-journal 100 000, worldwide.

Lessons learned

  • There is a great demand for distance learning training material suitable for industrial and educational training in relation to emerging issues in energy and buildings
  • The benefits of an international group of experts preparing the text are great. This is an important way to promote good technologies over between European countries
  • Textbook (print version) is the preferred method of learning for university students and industrial trainees alike. The web-based facility is preferred for selective release items such as question answers or assignments and for interactive contact with other students and/or trainer

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Brunel University
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Maria Kolokotroni
0044 0 1895 266688


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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2006
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