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You are a Smart Consumer (USMARTCONSUMER)

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Despite the high number of smart meters rollouts in EU countries, the challenge is to make them work for utilities' and consumers’ benefit. Even considering the trials that have taken place, debate still ranges on the energy savings consumers will make when they have access to their usage data, particularly in the long term. The USmartConsumer project is aimed at enhancing European households (tenants and owners) based on the improved information facilities of their smart meter, informing and involving them in the innovative services that help them save electric, gas or district heating energy and get user-friendly interfaces. The strong involvement of consumer associations, energy/service suppliers and market promoters has been agreed, which will facilitate networking and knowledge transfer among key actors, increasing market growth, transparency and confidence in the energy services market for small consumers. The project focuses on Member States where energy savings are an issue in the national business case for smart meters. By now information services that can be provided to consumers start emerging in the market. The aim is to help create the right market conditions and help send targeted information to consumers in the partner countries. The project focuses on concrete actions from households to generate estimable impacts in terms of savings. During the action, the needs of vulnerable consumers will get special attention.


  • Directly empowerment 220.000 householders to benefit from smart meters services, saving average 10 % energy at their homes during project lifetime, over 125.000 MWh/year, in a cost-effective way. Thus, every euro from the budget of this project will save almost 100 kWh/year
  • Enhancement of 750.000 EU homes by the project due to targeted extensive campaign in the 8 EU partner countries – adding big population - press, TV, radio, conferences, brochures, posters, twitter, call centre, etc
  • 8 market surveys on consumer needs, expectation and acceptance for understanding consumer interests and behavior, including market segmentation, with great involvement of the consumers associations
  • At least 40 commercial available smart meter services to households clearly defined and promoted by the EU Smart Metering Services Landscape, activating the market and policy, transferring the best practises across Europe: better billing, real time feedback (displays, web, iPhones, etc.), energy efficiency recommendations and tools (web-based, leaflets), incentives (taxes, energy supplier, etc.), variable tariffs, direct load control services, etc
  • More than 1.800 EU relevant market actors will be involved by the project network promoting the dialogue, experiences exchange and increasing market growth, transparency and confidence, in order to develop the smart metering based energy services market for small consumers

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Francisco Puente
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01/03/2014 to 28/02/2017
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