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Universities and Students for Energy Efficiency (USE EFFICIENCY)

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A common higher educational stream, addressing energy efficiency in university buildings, has been created in this action. Universities and students are proposed as shining examples for energy efficiency solutions and energy efficient behaviour. Involving universities and market players, the programme builds on the opportunity to improve energy efficiency in university facilities and to establish training courses for students. Mapping of scenarios for energy performance asset management of university buildings is used as the base for a student training course, during which students can have real work experience implementing energy performance assessment methodologies. Monitoring also provides data to support the development of the solutions that will improve energy performance of the university buildings. Students are the main actors of the project. They participate in an innovative, practical training experience in tandem with building technicians in team-work activities. An international Summer School brings together all the elements in the course, giving an opportunity to share information, experiences and cultural habits among students of different countries.


  • An effective exchange of information and experiences between educational establishments and experts on energy efficiency education programs and methods
  • Analysis of energy efficiency in university buildings and create a common scenario among 9 different universities
  • Promotion of universities and students as shining examples in the EU
  • Increased EU and cross-national knowledge on building energy performance methodologies and tools
  • Improved skills and interactions among students, professors and building technicians

Lessons learned

  • The interaction between professors, professionals and students has proved to be very valuable for all parts.
  • The qualifications from the course and the Summer School have facilitated the integration of the students in the professional environment. The percentage of students from the USE Efficiency project that have obtained a job within 6 months is higher than average.
  • The partners have taken the decision to continue the project beyond the EU funding stage. The key for this next step was an ambitious communication plan which provided all the benefactors with good visibility. By being ambitious and very focused, they have managed to obtain commitment from suppliers that could provide funding.

Partners and coordinator

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University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Contact point: 
Prof. Angelo Spena
+39 06 72597235


In brief

01/06/2009 to 30/01/2012
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