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TRENDY TRAVEL; Emotions for sustainable transport (TRENDY TRAVEL)

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More than 50% of all human decisions are emotional - often against rational awareness -, and most marketing campaigns for cars, which cover more than 90% of all marketing expenses for transport, target human emotions - exploiting this fact. This constitutes a formidable barrier for marketing and awareness campaigns for sustainable transport. Mere information about the positive consequences of the use of sustainable modes helps - but will not do. Public transport, cycling and walking should be associated with positive emotions like excitement, fun, being moved (in the heart), lust for life, pride and so on. This is the aim to be achieved with the emotional approach, as developed in the EMOTIONS project and now to be continued and expanded in TRENDY TRAVEL. TRENDY TRAVEL is designed to address current and potential users of clean urban transport, multipliers, practitioners and decision makers in public transport companies, energy agencies, educational institutions, municipalities and regions


  • Dissolving barriers with a change of perception and attitude key decision makers should be made especially aware of the high potential that soft policies and sustainable transport have for solving traffic problems in cities
  • Setting anchors for sustainable transport and soft policies in city policy City budgets and job profiles of key staff of cities should contain TRENDY TRAVEL elements
  • Creating virtuous circles (upward spirals) for sustainable transport measured through the change of attitudes and perception and a growth in investments in soft policies for sustainable transport and in sustainable transport infrastructure
  • Energy savings, emissions reductions, cost savings 7,000 tons CO2 or 2.5 Million Euros saved in direct fuel costs per year
  • Achieving dissemination of good practise set up follower groups in each state where there are participating partners

Lessons learned

  • Please see the Key Output "DOs and DON'Ts for promoting TRENDY TRAVEL".

Partners and coordinator

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Cork City Council
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Pat Casey
+353 21 4624452


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10/10/2008 to 09/10/2010
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