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Training programme for local energy agencies and actors in transport and sustainable energy actions (TREATISE)

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TREATISE began by developing reference manuals and training materials on three subjects: Cleaner fuels & vehicles; Ecodriving; and Mobility Management. The project also developed complimentary web-based training tools including an ecodriving simulator, a fleet management tool and a transport CO2 calculator to encourage people to choose lower carbon modes of transport. These manuals and tools have proved extremely popular and can be downloaded or ordered from The project ran 63 training workshops across eight countries and trained 1722 trainees (against targets of 20 workshops and 1200 trainees). TREATISE also far exceeded its targets for initiating 20 local transport projects: as TREATISE ended, 41 projects were complete or under way and a further 50 projects were planned including: a pure plant oil fleet trial in Austria; an ecodriving campaign with 500 fleet drivers in France; a joint initiative with the Greek National Gas Company to assess the viability of natural gas vehicles in Athens, to encourage more favourable regulation and to establish pilot CNG refuelling stations; an ecodriving and cleaner fuels&vehicles telephone advice service in UK.


  • 63 workshops across eight countries training a total of 1772 people
  • 3 reference manuals (each in eight languages) and 3 electronic training tools produced
  • received nearly 400,000 hits during the project
  • 41 local projects under way or complete and a further 50 projects planned
  • CO2 savings of 95kton achieved already; and a further 1,011kton CO2 savings forecast.

Lessons learned

  • TREATISE has been successful partly because it achieved a balance between being sufficiently flexible to accommodate national differences - particularly regarding training requirements and preferred workshop format - whilst still profiting from the benefits of international cooperation
  • Good projects should address genuine existing stakeholder needs and projects should maintain a strong focus on the benefits that they can bring to stakeholders
  • In the TREATISE countries there is currently great interest in sustainable transport and a desire to learn about and get involved with the subject. However, despite this interest, in most countries existing knowledge in these fields is generally very basic. Municipalities have proved excellent intermediaries, giving access to a wide range of other stakeholders

Partners and coordinator

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The Energy Saving Trust
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Bob Saynor
0044 20 7222 0101


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01/01/2005 to 30/06/2007
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