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Travel Reduction Attainment Via Energy-efficient Localities PLANning (TRAVEL PLAN PLUS)

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TRAVEL PLAN PLUS (Travel Reduction Attainment Via Energy-efficient Localities PLANning) is a 30-month project which began in November 2008. It comprises six partners from Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK, and aims to determine how Local Travel Plan Networks (LTPNs) can help deliver energy efficiency goals. Specifically the project will: • develop a systematic LTPN implementation framework; • implement four LTPNs in representative EU locations; • monitor and evaluate how these work in practice; • recommend how policy can best deliver the widespread adoption of LTPNs across the EU. LTPNs have operated in the USA for many years and are now spreading across the UK. However, so far no formal mechanism exists to evaluate their performance. LTPNs will be implemented in four locations across Europe to capture different contexts and design issues and the outcomes monitored and evaluated. Experiences will then be disseminated via recommendations for practice and policy.


  • Four Local Travel Plan Networks implemented in representative locations across the EU. This will allow the implementation process to be understood in a range of contextual circumstances.
  • A framework – based on the application of the Theory of Policy Transfer. This will help explain the implementation and dissemination of LTPNs in a systematic way, resulting in comprehensive implementation guidelines to support future adoption of LTPNs across the European Union.
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of Local Travel Plan Networks, mobility management and the potential for reducing transport sector energy consumption by policy shapers, makers, implementers and users.
  • A review of LTPNs in various European countries, providing case studies and examples of different types of arrangement used under a range of physical, economic, policy and social environments.

Lessons learned

  • Preliminary conclusions can be drawn from the State of the Art report (available at the website project) comprising a Literature Review and reports providing Expert Interview Perspectives and a Policy Transfer framework. The report will help to outline how Local Travel Plan Networks can best be adopted by other countries.

Partners and coordinator

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Loughborough University
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Dr. Marcus Enoch
+44(0)1509 223408


In brief

01/11/2008 to 30/04/2011
Contract number: 

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