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Training for Rebuilding Europe (TRAINREBUILD) (TRAINREBUILD)

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The objective of the TRAINREBUILD project is to design a comprehensive value chain strategy to generate change in thinking of public and private building owners regarding the link between energy efficiency and value related to building ownership. The project aims to encourage retrofitting in a wide range of residential buildings, spanning from individual to multi-family houses and from private to social housing. There are two core groups targeted by the TRAINREBUILD project: 1.Staff of national associations of property owners and individual property owners; 2.Officials from local authorities responsible for the retrofit of buildings in some Covenant of Mayors (CoM) cities. The project promotes an integrated approach based on training by technicians and professionals whose daily work has an impact on the design, selection, approval, installation, operation, maintenance, sales and marketing of sustainable building. The long-term purpose is to create a significant European dimension to foster market transformation in the building sector and develop a scale effect to reach the EU 2020 goals. The project will unfold in the following three phases: 1.Survey of Best Practices in Traini


  • Assistance regarding intelligent energy solutions provided to 3 million property owners through the service package until the year 2020. Out of 3 million property owners outreached in the EU27, approximately the 2% of them will retrofit their properties in the year after the service package has been transferred to them
  • Information about training kit disseminated to 1250 local authorities (through the 125 local authorities trained and the CoM Secretariat). Approximately 25 tenders to be issued by 25 local authorities procuring sustainable buildings.
  • Market growth of investments into energy efficient buildings and renewable energy installations in buildings. Approximately 10% increase in private banks and financial institutions financing for building retrofitting in the priority countries benchmarked from 2009 levels to end of project.
  • 15 professional European associations to distribute to national associations, each with a target audience of approximately 10.000 professional in the whole EU, the recommendations of the Training Forum. 1 new joint retrofit initiative/project in each of the priority country of the project kicked off by some of the Training Forum participants.

Lessons learned

  • Capacity building and trainings are major components that should be addressed to the demand side of the building chain (associations of property owners and public authorities as owners) and not only to the supply side (buildings professionals). The demand for retrofit should reach a tipping point through the establishing a large-scale pan European retrofit programme supported by a stable regulatory framework.
  • Crisis in trust for regulations, technologies, finance, building professionals is widespread among property owners. Training is needed for property owners associations and local authorities to communicate the retrofit value to individual owners and create a scale effect in the retrofit process. The focus of successful communication campaigns to property owners should not only be on energy saving but also on improved comfort, indoor air quality and well-being.
  • Property owners require independent and trusted guidance from energy advisors specialised in the building sector. Local authorities and national property owners associations should be directly involved in training and employing accredited experts to provide a comprehensive service package made of information on the most efficient technologies, available funding instruments, fiscal measures, lists of certified building professionals etc to property owners at local level.

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European Partners for the Environment
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Marco Torregrossa
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10/12/2010 to 10/12/2012
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