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Continuous, practice-oriented implementation and dissemination of the EPBD 2002 and energy end-use efficiency and energy services 2006 by training craftsmen and trainers in the construction trade (TRAINENERGY)

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TRAINENERGY prepares and implements a pilot qualification for craftsmen in the building sector. The objective is to contribute to the qualification of the market to make recent European legislation as effective as possible. The project will involve: - an on-line training database with instituionalised (nationally approved and validated) training modules - training guides for craftsmen and for trainers, including common European elements and national tailored ones - craftsmen and trainers accredited during the pilot phase The action is accompanied by measures to disseminate its outcomes and to facilitate roll out of the concept through a replicable model


  • Improved capacity of building professionals
  • Creation of a network of training providers
  • Definition of professional competences and skills for five crafts in the construction trade
  • Embedding of developed training materials in national curricula

Lessons learned

  • The first evaluation of the course showed that the training material was to theoretical and there was a need for combining the lectures with sight visits and practical demonstrations/work

Partners and coordinator

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Gemeinnütziges Berufsförderungswerk des Baden-Würtembergischen Zimmerer- und Holzbaugewerbes GmbH
Leipzigstraße, 21
88400 Biberach
Contact point: 
Mr Torsten Windmueller
+49 711 2399663


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01/10/2009 to 30/09/2011
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