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Transport and Innovation Logistics by Local Authorities with a Zest for Efficiency and Realization (TRAILBLAZER)

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'TRAILBLAZER (Transport and Innovation Logistics by Local Authorities with a Zest for Efficiency and Realisation) will achieve a reduction in energy used in urban freight transport through public sector policy interventions across Europe by showcasing good practices and promoting Delivery and Servicing Plans (DSPs). The consortium comprises local authorities, private sector industry leaders and communications experts. The group of experienced organisations - TRAILBLAZERs, will transfer knowledge and experience to the PATHFINDERS – a group of less experienced authorities. There will also be a User Group wishing to learn from the experience of others and a group of ASSIMILATORS. Specific attention will be given to the impact of DSPs and the impact of the TRAILBLAZER project on energy saving. Project Communication tools will include a series of DSP workshops, site visits and conferences to enable interested organisations to learn from the experience of more experienced project partners. The main outcome of the project will be the DSP Toolkit.


  • - Implementation and development of DSPs by the four PATHFINDER cities. Each Delivery and Servicing Plan was tailored to the City that it supports, so the outputs were specific to each municipality. The result indicators and targets for success varied by location. The specific outputs, result indicators and targets are clearly set out in each city’s Delivery and Servicing Plan.
  • - Reduction in energy use by freight transport shown in PATHFINDER cities following production of DSPs. The target was to achieve a 10% reduction in fuel used. This was attained overall, with the following results achieved by the four PATHFINDERS following the implementation of their DSPs: • Eskilstuna - 50% (estimated) • Vaxjo - 51% • Vercelli - 13% • Zagreb - 6%
  • - Transfer of knowledge and exchange experience between experienced and less experienced municipalities, private sector organisations, freight transport operators and project stakeholders. This was TRAILBLAZER’s core activity, with the success of these actions contributing directly to its success. Three DSP workshops were held in TRAILBLAZER cities for PATHFINDER cities, User Group members and Assimilators to assist them with development of their own DSPs.
  • - Promote best practice in freight energy efficiency amongst local and regional authorities in Europe. This was achieved through holding 2 conferences; producing the DSP toolkit; developing the project website; circulating six-monthly newsletters and making case study information and the State of the Art report available on the project website.

Lessons learned

  • - The experience of two municipalities demonstrates that by gaining control and coordinating deliveries via legal contracts, environmental considerations which decrease emissions and fuel use can be included within the contract and be legally enforced.
  • - The high economic and environmental impacts of this measure increase the importance of committed political support. The experiences revealed that a strong political direction, at the beginning and during the project, will improve the project outcomes.
  • - This is a restrictive action for freight vehicles. It is important to take into account as much as possible the opinions of those who are directly or indirectly affected by the measures e.g. drivers, freight operators, shop keepers, citizens etc. The experiences revealed in Zagreb and Vercelli that the communication with the principal actors can improve the understanding and the cooperation between them and the public administration.

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Transport & Travel Research Ltd
United Kingdom
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Blackledge David
Mr Donald Chalker


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01/07/2010 to 30/06/2013
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