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Towards Class A - Municipal Buildings as Shining Examples (TOWARDS CLASS A)

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Towards Class A extended and reinforced the Display Campaign, a European tour de force paving the way for full scale implementation of new European legislation on the energy performance of buildings. The Display Campaign, launched in 2003, encourages local authorities to voluntarily publish the energy and environmental performances of their buildings. This is done using a poster and label based on that for domestic appliances. The campaign results in actual energy savings here and now, whilst raising awareness on the certification of buildings which is currently being put in place by all countries of the European Union.


  • At the end of the project, more than 7 600 buildings had been voluntarily labelled ahead of national legislation with around 300 local authorities in 26 countries having joined the campaign. The campaign continues to this date from strength-to-strength. Visit the Display Campaign web-site for further information.
  • A calculation tool, available in 18 languages, and Energy Watcher Recommendations and Information Resources are all available online.
  • Creativity and innovative communication initiatives were stimulated amongst local authorities. This culminated in the Towards Class A Award presentations, in Riga '06 and Brussels '07, to the 'leading communicators' amongst 21 contesting local authorities.
  • A multitude of promotional leaflets, posters and guidance documents has been accompanied by high profile press coverage across Europe
  • "Five 'display'ful years: A Campaign Review", tells the story of how European municipalities are leading the way Towards Class A buildings.

Lessons learned

  • Start the process of certification/labelling as a voluntary process involving the most active or willing municipalities: use this time to collect data and share experiences so that when a more rigid or legal based system is implemented there will already be greater ground support; use this time to adjust your labelling tool and benchmarks; use this time to already be at an improved energy performance level compared to previous years
  • The use of Operational Data appears particularly appropriate for public buildings as there are less market influences and more management related consequences that will improve building performances
  • Certificates/labels need to be used not only as a legal requirement but also as a means of communicating with the public and politicians i.e. the communication poster needs be eye catching and visible to the public and needs to be easily understood including a section where the municipality can communicate the ways they aim to improve the classification of the building

Partners and coordinator

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Jean-Pierre Vallar
0033 (0)3 81 65 36 80 (or +33 (0)3 81 6
Peter Schilken
+33 3 81 65 36 80
Christophe Frering
33 (0)1 40 35 07 61 or 33 (0)3 81 65 37
Peter Schilken
0033 0 3 81 65 36 80
Mr Jan Pierre Vallar
+33 (0)3 81 65 36 85


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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2007
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