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TOGETHER on the move - Energy Efficient Transport training for immigrants (TOGETHER)

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The growing importance of social equity, equal access to (transport) services in Europe is a driving force for the TOGETHER consortium to develop new, but much needed actions for immigrants. TOGETHER will develop and implement energy efficient transport training for immigrants. The training will focus on providing new immigrants with advice on energy efficiency in transport as well as providing them with essential skills in how to travel using sustainable modes. This project aims to work with specific target groups and stakeholders to deliver tailor made training that seeks to enhance the quality of life of immigrants, to facilitate social inclusion as well as conserving essential energy resources for future generations. TOGETHER has a sharp focus on the community added value of setting up, implementing and promoting energy efficiency training and learning material for immigrants as most Member States are facing similar challenges. The TOGETHER training will be implemented in first instance in Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and UK. Also in several South and East-European countries TOGETHER will communicate and disseminate the training activities, material and results.


  • Training sessions will be implemented in the different participating countries, reaching a European total of approximately 10.000 (of which at least 3300 attending the classes and at least 6500 other reached by the learning material) immigrants, 75 or more teachers (from formal and non-formal adult educational institutions) and many more key actors.
  • Policy recommendations will be formulated and handed over to regional, national and European authorities as part of the long-term strategies.
  • • Mode shift towards more sustainable transport modes occurs for 15% of the participants attending the courses in a formal education setting and 10% of the participants attending the courses in non-formal education settings

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Mobiel 21
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Elke Bossaert
0032 16 31 77 06
Raf Canters
+32 16 31 77 06
Bossaert Elke
+32 16 31 77 00


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01/01/2011 to 31/12/2014
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