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T.aT. - Today and Tomorrow "Students Today Citizen Tomorrow" (T.AT.)

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The objective of the T.aT. project was to reduce the energy and environmental impacts of university mobility in three sites (Cyprus, Leiria (PT) and Chieti (IT) by introducing in each partner university: measures for mobility management; mobility education and awareness towards students; a University Mobility Manager; a university car pooling scheme; a university bike sharing service; and an innovative university sustainable mobility plan. The project aimed to encourage: a reduction of university mobility CO2 emissions by 5%; an increase in the percentage of public transport use by 10% among students; 5% of the students to buy a bicycle. Ultimately the T.aT. project succeeded in shaping the travel behaviours of the university population and it is expected that the students will make more sustainable, better informed mobility choices in the future.


  • Realization of three innovative sustainable mobility plans (one in each university area); Creation and Promotion of the University Mobility Manager (one in each university area); Formulation of a programme of education for sustainable mobility aimed at university students. Number of students and professors participating in the seminars: ~200 students/each and ~ 10 professors each.
  • Implementation of three university car-pooling services (one in each university area); members of carpooling: 100 in IT (in ~3 months), 130 in PT (in ~6 months), 200 (in ~1 month). For IT, CY, PT respectively: Tonns of fuel saved : 6,3 % 4,7% 6,2 %; (The results are expressed as a reduction in percentage respect to the beginning of the project).
  • Implementation of three university bike-sharing services (one in each university area); bike sharing users: ~340 in 2 months for IT ; ~500 users for PT (in ~6 months). Increasing of the bike use among the students: 13% of students surveyed bought a bike in the last 12 months (IT), 3% in CY.

Lessons learned

  • Universities represent critical mobility centres for the cities in which are located with professors, students and workers undertaking home-university journeys every day. Often mobility choices are emotional and not related to real needs of the users. Travel behaviours belong to consolidated culture and mentality, it’s difficult to act to modify them.
  • Mobility behaviours are often influenced by "external factors" (such as the availability of Infrastructures, software and systems); it was difficult for instance to motivate car poolers. (lack of incentives such as parking and lanes reserved).
  • Public-Private Partnership was the key action to realize innovative services for the territory. Bike Sharing systems were not co-financed within IEE project budget, but their success is related to the cooperation between public entities (local administrations and universities) and private companies (energy agencies) working together in the T.aT. project.

Partners and coordinator

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Agenzia Locale per l'Energia e lo Sviluppo Ambientale della Provincia di Chieti
Contact point: 
Antonio Di Nunzio
0039 0871 41421
Antonio Di Nunzio
+39 0871 41421


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15/10/2007 to 14/04/2010
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