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"Stimulating Sustainable Regional Development by means of a Structured Process Approach" (SUSREG)

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The project aims at improving the knowledge, attitudes and skills of professional planners through a 3-stage capacity building programme including on-the-job training of planners on real case examples. While working on their case studies, the regional planners test the theoretical concepts and tools collected and pilot the didactical method applied. The results from the work performed on the case studies and from the practical experiences of the regional planners is then used to train additional 800 professional planners and associations on how to better integrate sustainable energy aspects into spatial planning activities.


  • Enhance capacity building of more than 800 professional planners in 6 countries through training workshops and on-the-job training for 40 professional planners in 9 regional organisations
  • Improve GRP software to be used by spatial planners with concrete best practice examples and better integration of sustainable energy aspects into spatial planning.
  • Organise workshop for 20 Young Professional Planners under auspices of ISOCARP Development of training material for public use, educational programmes and e-learning, specially adapted for use in 6 countries (ES, IT, NL, DK, CZ, CY/GR)
  • Extensive development of 9 local or regional urban plans with integral consideration of sustainable energy options and broader sustainability criteria.

Lessons learned

  • The on-the-job trainings have to be tailor made for a great part to be efficiently used in the case study.

Partners and coordinator

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WE Consultants Sustainable Building
Contact point: 
Erik Alsema
+31 (0)30 6778761


In brief

01/04/2013 to 01/08/2015
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