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Sustainable Green Fleets (SUGRE)

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SUGRE aims to encourage vehicle owners to switch to cleaner fuels, whether they be biofuels, methane or hybrid systems using both combustion engines and electric propulsion. There is a need to show to users that vehicle fleets are viable when run on alternative fuels. This will be achieved using ‘captive’ fleets as forerunners. The captive fleets will form the basis of training and briefing sessions for other fleet owners, which should help the new technology to spread. When fleet owners are convinced, individual car buyers should follow. Information on refuelling sites will be distributed via an internet platform. A support desk will also help with issues such as procurement.


  • Initial results have identified the need for Member States to use the tax and public procurement systems to create incentives for biofuel vehicles.
  • This is especially important for forerunner fleets, due to the increased investments in refuelling systems and vehicle adaptation.

Lessons learned

  • Following the directive 30/2003 Member states should use the (tax exemption for CO2) possibilities they have to create a stable investment climate for 100% bio fuel use. This is especially important for forerunners requiring increased investments in refuelling systems and adapted vehicles. This may vary from country to country, but in most countries infrastructure for 100% biofuels (and even not for 20% blends) is not present.
  • Supporting measures in public tendering, infra structural measures etc. are needed. Without sufficient demand from fleets to use 100% biofuel vehicles or at least the expectation that this demand will grow substantially in the next years, the industry might be not motivated enough to develop adequate technology/vehicles/infrastructure and solve the existing technical problems with some biofuels and modern engines and emission standards.

Partners and coordinator

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Austrian Mobility Research / Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilitaet Gemeinnützige GmbH
Schönaugasse 8a
8010 Graz
Contact point: 
Robert Pressl
+43 316 81 04 51 13
Claus Koellinger
+43 316 810451-66
Jörg Kastelic
+43 316 810451-36


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01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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