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Multi-level actions for enhanced Heating & Cooling plans (STRATEGO)

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The STRATEGO project aims at supporting national authorities to draft their National Heating and Cooling Plans (NHCP). The project will use the results of the studies Heat Roadmap Europe ( under which an assessment of the European potential for efficiency in heating and cooling has been carried out together with the mapping of thermal resources and demands. STRATEGO will first fine-tune these results and then use these results to support local authorities in taking action so that they can help their national authorities in preparing and developing NHCPs. In particular, STRATEGO partners will support 23 cities/regions to map their local heating and cooling demand and supply and to define areas of priority for intervention. These are areas where the local conditions are favourable for developing projects having the biggest impact (energy, economy, social).The core of the project will be the running of a coaching scheme between 23 learning regions/cities and 8 experienced regions/cities. Coaching meetings will be organised to ensure cross-border cooperation and exchange of best practices. The geographical focus of STRATEGO is BE, AT, CZ, HR, RO, DE, IT and UK. The support from experienced partners, from DK and SE, will be used. The transferability and implementation of the project results outside the targeted countries will be ensured by the involvement of partners from ES and PL.


  • Development of a Pan-European thermal atlas and deep assessments of energy efficiency potential for 5 targeted countries (CR, HR, IT, RO and UK). These two outputs should serve as reference for national authorities responsible in drafting the NHCP. It is expected that they will allow identifying a potential of at least 440 TWh savings of primary energy and savings of 81 Mt of CO2 together with an increase of use of local resources of at least 410 TWh;
  • Support at least 23 cities/regions in mapping their energy efficiency potential including identification of areas of priority for intervention and identification of projects. This will lead to the identification of at least 45 regional/local projects, in line with the NHCPs;
  • One-to-one coaching for 23 cities/regions together with one-to-one meeting with national authorities responsible for drafting their NHCP (32 in total). This process should allow to bridge the gap between EU and national policy and actions at local/regional levels as all actors will be in contact and will exchange knowledge during the whole duration of STRATEGO. Transfer of best practices should accelerate the deployment of NHCPs.

Partners and coordinator

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Euroheat & Power AISBL
Cours Saint Michel 30a
1040 Brussels
Contact point: 
Mr Alessandro Provaggi
+32 2 740 21 10
Ms Aksana Krasatsenka
+32 2 740 21 10


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01/04/2014 to 30/11/2016
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