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Facilitating energy storage to allow high penetration of intermittent renewable energy (STORE)

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stoRE dealt with the non-technological barriers to energy storage, contributing to the creation of the regulatory and market conditions that give incentives for the development of energy storage infrastructure to the extent necessary for the accommodation of the planned renewable energy installations to the electricity grid.More than 500 stakeholders, representing often opposing views, have contributed to our work that resulted in balanced recommendations for adaptations of the energy framework and policies in Europe and in the six target countries (Germany, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Denmark and Austria).The results have been promoted in a meeting with the European Commission, addressing 8 DG Energy and DG Research representatives, two events in the European Parliament and over 20 meetings with decision makes in the target countries.


  • The environmental performance of energy storage installations was assessed. Together with all key actors the stoRE project formulated recommendations for improving the framework conditions.
  • The European regulatory and market framework conditions were assessed with inputs from stakeholders representing all interested parties, resulting in concrete recommendations for improvements.
  • The regulatory and market framework conditions in the target countries of Germany, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Ireland and Austria were reviewed and action lists were formulated, based on feedback received from local actors.
  • The recommendations were promoted among targeted decision makers, through a meeting with the European Commission, events in the European Parliament and over 20 meetings with decision makers in the target countries.
  • The general understanding on the role energy storage can play in a sustainable energy future was improved through our communication campaign that reached over 30,000 interested individuals.

Lessons learned

  • Even if we assume the existence of a supergrid there is a certain need for new energy storage capacity in Europe. This need for storage has to be recognized at EU/national policy level in order to facilitate project development.
  • The framework conditions such as the power system characteristics, the market operation and the regulations vary significantly from one Member State to another creating an environment for energy storage that does not reflect the relevant needs.
  • There is a lack of wide acceptance of the need for storage, limited understanding of the challenges and no common vision of the future of energy storage among the relevant stakeholders. However, once evidence based and balanced recommendations are made, policy makers are willing to act and to support storage.

Partners and coordinator

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WIP GmbH & Co Planungs-KG
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Mr Michael Papapetrou
0049 89 720 12 7 12


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01/04/2011 to 30/04/2014
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