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Securing The Take-off of Building Energy Certification: Improving Market Attractiveness through Building Owner Involvement (STABLE)

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Energy certification boosts the attractiveness of the building market and creates a sustainable future for buildings and their occupants. STABLE grouped national energy agencies, building owners and market professionals to identify customer quality requirements in the field of energy certification, develop recommendations, promote the benefits of certification and organise campaigns and events targeting experts and professionals.


  • The market responded to a questionnaire on building certification and the outcomes were communicated to regulators. Respondents said they are now more likely to pay attention to energy aspects in negotiations with landlords.
  • Events were held across Europe and opinions were used for feedback.
  • Direct information on energy certification and related benefits was provided to about 2 000 building owners, indirect information to more than 100 000.
  • Around 2 000 building energy auditors and technical professionals received training.
  • It is suggested that certification schemes should target existing buildings as a priority, whilst effective enforcement needs accompanying incentives such as soft loans and tax credits.

Lessons learned

  • The needs and expectations of building owners regarding energy certification vary from country to country, emphasising the importance of tailoring certification schemes to the market situation.
  • Expectations on energy certification are high in many countries. Developing certification schemes to match building owner quality requirements and expectations is crucial in ensuring market acceptance

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