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"Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Efficiency Excellence" (SPiCE³)

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The Sectoral Platform in Chemicals for Energy Efficiency Excellence – SPiCE³ aims at enabling energy efficiency improvements in the chemical sector by giving access to information and competences, particularly for SMEs where barriers for energy efficiency investments are higher. It will establish a learning centre providing best practices, tool boxes and a facilitation portal for ISO 50001 certification. In addition it will develop a one-stop shop for national information, tools and support, providing a helpline service for the sector. The platform will be populated with international and national information. It will also facilitate networking among chemicals companies and energy experts through online networking tools. This project draws together partners that cover around 80% of the chemicals sector by energy use across the EU. Bringing together expertise in reaching out to SMEs and national knowledge the consortium provides a platform that aims to transform the chemical sector’s supply chain.


The expected results by the end of the project are:
  • The creation and operations of the online platform for exchange of knowledge, a resource for the use by the chemical sector The platform will be multi-language, with common shared material across the languages and material targeted at the national level only in the one relevant language. Our vision for this platform is akin to the "EurActiv" of energy efficiency.
  • The second major output is focussed activities at the national level through workshops and on-site training. This will assist a range of SMEs that take part in these activities and will generate case studies, examples of best practice and practical steps to use the national and EU-level resources. These material will feedback in to the platform and be an important source of data.
  • The third output is the development of a new energy efficiency award scheme, which will run in parallel with the awards in Responsible Care. With these three major outputs SPiCE3 expects to foster uptake of energy efficiency in SMEs across the EU as a whole and specifically in the countries represented by the consortium (BE, BG, CZ, DE, FI, GR, IT, NL, PL, SE, UK)

Lessons learned

  • Since its launch on 1 April 2013, the SPiCE³ project has been welcomed across Europe. Two countries – France and Spain – have joined SPiCE³ on a voluntary basis adding to the initial 11 European countries.
  • Outreach to SMEs remains a challenge. Personal networking is crucial to encourage SMEs to pursue energy efficiency improvement opportunities. Bringing them together in workshops or paying them bilateral visits is a gradual and demanding outreach approach that has in the long run proved effective in increasing awareness for such opportunities. Overcoming language barriers through a bottom-up approach in conjunction with the multilingual website is the right way forward. The country partners’ work is carried out in close collaboration with Cefic at the EU level. Cefic provides a clear but flexible framework to coordinate and enable actions as well as to facilitate knowledge sharing between partners.
  • Credibility of the initiative can be strengthened by engaging local stakeholders, such as provincial authorities that are in close contact with SMEs. In addition, large companies play an important role as mentors and overall supporters.
  • Using existing structures wherever possible and integrating rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’ has turned out to be a cost-effective way of working.

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The European Chemical Industry Council
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Parker Guy


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01/04/2013 to 30/06/2015
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