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nZEB training in the Southern EU countries – Maintaining building traditions (SOUTHZEB)

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As per the recast Directive EPBD (2010/31/EU) all new buildings constructed within the EU after 2020 should reach nearly zero energy levels. However there is a gap between theory and practice and this project comes to fill in this gap addressing the need of developing training and assessment schemes for professionals involved in the nZEB building process. The target countries are Greece, Cyprus, Portugal and Southern Italy, whereas United Kingdom, Austria and Northern Italy constitute the front-runner countries. The main objectives of the project are:
  • To support the building sector professionals in the Southern European countries to keep up to date with the market progression through the development of ten training modules.
  • To design and develop training and assessment programs of the abovementioned professionals, focusing especially on the transfer of successful practices and knowledge from the front runners to the Southern EU countries.
  • To provide training workshops and seminars thus transferring knowledge to the stakeholders.
  • To develop a unique portal in order to bring together professionals of building industry and provide remotely training (e-learning).


  • The development of 10 training modules and 10 corresponding assessment exams.
  • The development of a portal and e-learning platform, which will be used for the application of the aforementioned training programs remotely. At least 3.000 user registrations in the portal are expected till the end of the project and at least 400 professionals are being following the training programs remotely through the e-learning platform.
  • 40 “train the trainer” workshops, where at least 150 trainers are being trained
  • 4 large pilot training sessions, one in each target country, where at least 1500 professionals are being trained and certified
  • 4 new funding / promotion schemes for nZEB designed, one in each of the target countries

Lessons learned

  • The opinion of the market, provided through the focus groups during the design meetings has been of high importance, since this has led to the improvement of the training material and the SouthZEB portal.
  • The sustainability of SouthZEB project after the completion of the project has been also a major issue and a diversity of views has been recorded among the partners.
  • The diversity among the partners and consequently among the European countries has been noted regarding the methods, the standards and even the simulation tools that are used in calculating the energy efficiency and consumption of the buildings.

Partners and coordinator

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University of Patras, Research Committee
Contact point: 
+30 2610969443


In brief

05/03/2014 to 04/09/2016
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