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Solar Energy Use in Outdoor Swimming Pools (SOLPOOL)

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The purpose of the SOLPOOL project was to increase the number of outdoor swimming pools equipped with a solar thermal system in different EU regions. The project started in 2006 and ran for two years. It was coordinated by DGS in Germany. In the frame of the project two campaigns, the first one addressed the owners and operators of swimming pools while the second targeted the installers in the participating countries have been performed in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Greece France and Italy . Several materials have been developed like the “Impact advisor”, help desks, flyers, CDs, brochures and a powerful website.


  • Preparation of data collection reports for each targeted region/country including: state-of-the-art of energy supply, state-of-the-art and potential of solar thermal applications for out-door pools, barriers, BATs, basic data of swimming pools and solar firms, best practices and grant schemes.
  • Definition of a common European approach for the use of solar energy for the heating of outdoor swimming pools.
  • Funding sheet for solar thermal use in swimming pools
  • National fact sheets on boundary conditions for solar thermal applications in swimming pools
  • Requirement sheet for solar thermal use in swimming pools

Lessons learned

  • Data collection of outdoor swimming pool can only be realised in co-operation with a swimming pool operator umbrella organisation or by interviews. A questionnaire survey was not suitable in every target country/region.
  • Installers could have contacts to their potential clients, the owners and operators of swimming pools. Thus, it would have been easier to attract owners and operators when the project team would have had first established the contacts with the installers, means would have had started with the campaign for installers followed by the campaign for owners and operators.

Partners and coordinator

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V.
Contact point: 
Bernhard Weyres-Borchert
+49 (0) 4381 41 90 78
Antje Klauss-Vorreiter
0049 176 219 11 83
Bernhard Weyres-Borchert
0049 0 4381 41 91 37


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01/11/2006 to 30/04/2009
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