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Enlarging Solar Thermal Systems in Multi-Family Houses and Hotels in Europe (SOLARGE)

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In most European countries, positive market developments for small solar thermal systems are mostly limited to private buildings. Collective solar thermal systems (CSTS) are in many cases still in the demonstration phase, despite an enormous potential and the fact that overall cost efficiency is generally increasing with the size of the system. The SOLARGE project was created to overcome this imbalance. Its main aim is to open the markets for large solar thermal plants, focussing on installations bigger than 30 m2 collector area and supplying domestic hot water as well as supplementary heating and cooling in multi-family dwellings, hotels, public and social buildings. Information, training and communication measures are at the heart of SOLARGE. Project activities motivate investors, suppliers and decision-makers in politics and administration to acknowledge and utilise the market potential of large solar thermal installations.


  • Comprehensive reports providing detailed inventory of the CSTS markets and political frameworks in eight countries (2005). A common market report brochure compared and analysed these national studies, setting the basis for SOLARGE measures in 2006/2007.
  • Training courses for CSTS installers and planners in Germany, Italy and Slovenia in 2006; an English master presentation, which was developed on the basis of German training materials an includes more than 200 slides and explanatory notes, is now available to all partners for translation and adaptation to their respective national conditions.
  • A good practice online database was developed which includes 65 SOLARGE case studies from various building and application types. It provides technical and financial details as well as a description of the experiences made with the application.
  • Presentation of the SOLARGE project at more than 80 national and international conferences, seminars, fairs and workshops.
  • High-quality image brochure presenting arguments and advantages CSTS to potential investors (from mid-200; in Danish, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish) & European Best Practice Catalogue on CSTS in English, French and German.

Lessons learned

  • The detailed analyses and comparison of the CSTS markets in SOLARGE partner countries have shown that measures to improve the conditions for CSTS are still needed in all countries.
  • Collective solar thermal systems become more important, especially for the housing sector. Addressing investors with convincing arguments, examples and concepts is therefore essential.
  • The compilation of detailed data of existing good practice examples has proven to be more time consuming and difficult than expected. Nevertheless, disseminating informative insights into good practice projects is a key factor for improving awareness and knowledge of CSTS. Last updated: 24.06.2010

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Marion Elle
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01/01/2005 to 31/12/2007
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