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Identification of most promising markets and promotion of standardised system configurations for the market entry of small scale combined solar heating & cooling applications (SOLAR COMBI+)

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The aim of this project is to take newly commercially available small scale sorption chillers and identify and promote standardised Solar Combi+ systems for small applications: i.e. combined solar water and space heating and cooling up to a cooling load of 20 kW. Accelerating and smoothing the market entry of small scale Solar Combi+, the project will contribute to achieving energy policy goals of the EU and supports the market entry of a technology where a group of European enterprises has a favourable starting point for international leadership. To identify the above mentioned standard system configurations and most promising applications, the project proposes to perform virtual case studies, where promising system configurations are defined (based on a thorough analysis of the market) and validated by simulations and economical and ecological ratings for different typical conditions (i.e. utilization, climate, building type).


  • Standard system configurations for Solar Combi+ systems, which work best under different circumstances, help to avoid the high effort in design stage, which is not affordable for small applications
  • Package solutions for the single technologies are developed by the participating small scale sorption chiller producers; respective training for solar thermal enterprises and installers is offered
  • Most Promising Markets are identified (in the sense of application type, but also climatic circumstances etc.) and promoted, inter alia with media campaigns in promising regions
  • Knowledge among professionals about feasibility and opportunities of Solar Combi+ systems is enhanced by presenting results both at conferences, in professional’s magazines and in occasion of regular meetings of interest groups and associations
  • Awareness within public authorities about the potential of Solar Combi+ aiming at targeted support programmes and consideration within the implementation of EPBD (European directive on Energy Performance in Buildings)

Lessons learned

  • Definition of Standard Systems Configurations on international level is quite complex, since; (i) “typical” applications and solutions on hydraulic level are quite different; (ii) national regulations are different and sometimes even quite contradictory.
  • The Regulation on Solar Thermal Systems in Spain forbids e.g. strictly to heat the solar tank with a back-up heater, an approach used throughout the rest of Europe, with good performance results for seriously dimensioned systems; this leads to unnecessarily complex hydraulic schemes and impedes solutions
  • Last updated: 17.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Europäische Akademie Bozen/ Accademia Europea Bolzano
Contact point: 
Roberto Fedrizzi
+39 0471 055330


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01/09/2007 to 28/02/2010
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