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Increasing the market implementation of Solar-air-conditioning systems for small and medium applications in residential and commercial buildings (SOLAIR)

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Electricity consumption for air-conditioning is increasing dramatically throughout the EU. The use of solar thermal energy for air-conditioning in buildings – so far a relatively new technology – offers a potential alternative and huge unexploited potential. The SOLAIR project will promote the market implementation of small and medium-sized solar air-conditioning appliances with a focus on the residential as well as commercial sector and the combination of domestic hot water supply and space heating with air-conditioning. SOLAIR intends to resolve major market obstacles - such as the lack of awareness, know-how and coherent information – through market surveys, capacity building, qualification and promotion for stakeholders and investors.


  • Compilation of good practice
  • Development of technical guidelines and training materials
  • Consultation and information of investors and decision makers
  • Awareness raising campaigns with high replication

Lessons learned

  • Small and medium-sized systems are not still widespread into the market. In this regard some barriers for the development and diffusion of the technology have been identified, such as: 1. Systems’ costs, which are extremely high compared to standard cooling appliances 2. Lack of adequate financial and technical support 3. Few experiences and realised applications 4. Insufficient monitoring of data and follow up activities.
  • A strong interest in the SAC technology among technicians, investors and market actors in general was recognised during the several project activities. However, at the same time their lack of knowledge has been registered as well. This underlines the importance of developing tailored training activities and disseminating information materials for these target groups.
  • Quality procedures should define the steps towards a uniform and consistent planning, providing information, recommendations and minimum requirements for each of its steps. This in turn will contribute to an increased awareness and acceptance of this technology with positive impacts on the systems’ costs and the number of installed applications. Last updated: 07.06.2010

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Target GmbH
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Bodo Grimmig
0049 511 39 47 302
Marion Elle
0049 5 11 90 96 88 42
Marion Elle
+49 511 9096 8850
Andreas Stege
+49 5 11 90 96 88 42
Andreas Steege
0049 511 90968858


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2009
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