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Enhancing efficient implementation of sustainable energy action plans in European islands through reinforcement of smart multilevel governance (SMILEGOV)

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SMILEGOV will set up clusters of European islands that will facilitate the exchange between different levels of governance and between different clusters in order to support the development of sustainable energy action plans and the implementation of concrete actions. This will be done in the largest part of the European insular regions: The Atlantic (Canaries, Scotland), the Baltic Sea (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia) and the Mediterranean (Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Greece).The project addresses a barrier to the implementation of sustainable energy plans, the lack of resources and expertise, and will assist authorities to find ways for financing sustainable energy projects and to overcome the reluctance of financial institutions to invest in small and medium-scale projects. The formation of clusters of islands and the exchange of knowledge at local and regional level, the identification of Strategic Guidelines for overcoming existing barriers through the assistance of advanced islands, as well as the process of learning from the experience of models areas ("learning from the experts") will be the guide for the exploration of this path.The project will conclude with drafting a guide for sustainable energy project development including the identification of the appropriate sources of funds and financing mechanisms and the overcoming of institutional barriers for the successful implementation of the islands’ sustainable energy action plans and bankable projects. In other terms, the project will set the basis of long term cooperation between European islands towards a decarbonised economy in the near future.


  • Building of a network of island clusters, identify the needs of European islands and implement programmes for capacity building where needed.
  • Development of Priority Actions through the use of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) for islands and Development of a number of sustainable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport projects in participating islands and island clusters.
  • Identification and mobilisation of local, regional, national and European funds and examination of alternative financing possibilities (TPF, PPP, Structural Funds, Integrated Maritime Policy, etc) adapted to islands particularities.
  • Enhancement and encouragement of local participation in investment schemes: Local investment funds, energy cooperatives, ESCOs, RES-sharing model.
  • Creation of new Supporting Structures: Using the CoM experience, set up new regional support mechanisms for weak islands and enforce the liaisons between islands and intraregional structures in the near future.

Lessons learned

  • For further details please refer to the project website.

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Network of Sustainable Aegean Islands
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Alexis Chatzimpiros
+30 210 8848055


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01/04/2013 to 30/09/2015
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