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SME Energy CheckUp; making the most out of energy (SME ENERGYCHECKUP)

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The SME Energy CheckUp project targets small and medium sized enterprises in the sectors hotels, restaurants, bars, fastfood/ice-cream, retail food, retail non-food and offices. The problem is that SMEs realize the importance of energy saving, but do rarely take energy saving measures. Causes for this are: 1) SMEs have little attention for energy efficiency because they have no idea of the yearly energy costs; 2) Hiring an energy consultant costs money; 3) Information on energy saving measures does not activate an SME (enough); 4) The implementation of serious energy saving measures require large up-front investments and there is a lack of knowledge on alternative sources of funding. The SME Energy CheckUp project will tackle the obstacles with the following approach: 1) Approach SMEs proactive via regular channels of communication, special workshops and an energy saving tool; 2) Create an energy saving tool which offers a free benchmark, advice and information on energy saving measures; 3) The energy saving tool will bring SMEs in direct connection with local actors who can implement energy saving measures (low energy bill) or with energy consultants (high energy bill); 4) SMEs will be informed about the different financing options for the implementation of energy saving measures.


  • Approximately 6 000 SMEs will make use of the energy saving tool
  • Approximately 600 SMEs will implement simple energy saving measures (no or very small investments)
  • Approximately 600 SMEs will implement energy saving measures that can be implemented by SMEs who rent their building
  • Approximately 150 SMEs will implement serious energy saving measures for which it is necessary to own the building.
  • The end result is expected to be a yearly energy saving of 54 GWh in 2017 and 240 GWh in 2020.

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Cornelissen Consulting Services B.V.
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Dr. Ir. R.L. Cornelissen
Mr. Hans Damink


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01/04/2014 to 31/03/2017
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