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Early market creation of innovative highly energy-efficient technologies through smarter engagement with the market in the pre-procurement phase (SMART-SPP)

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SMART-SPP will bring innovative highly energy-efficient environmental technologies, which have just been researched, developed and tested onto the market through the pre-procurement process. This will be done through encouraging early market engagement between public authority procurers and suppliers in the pre-procurement phase and result in the issue of tenders. Five public authorities in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain and Portugal will test a common integrated approach on the procurement of innovative products. This approach will include tools for managing the risks in pre-procurement, assessing the financial benefits (Life Cycle Costing) calculating and communicating the CO2 savings. Technologies in the field of computers, vehicles, lighting, and renewable energy heating/cooling will be explored for the pre-procurement activities. Awareness-raising seminars and study visits will be organised for Hungarian and Czech public authorities. In order to disseminate the results widely four regional events and one European final conference will be held.


  • Review reports on early market engagement, life cycle costing and CO2 assessment tools, risk management for pre-procurement, needs assessment of both suppliers and procurers to early engage with each other and review and outlook on emerging technologies.
  • Guidance document in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish for public authorities on how to use the pre-procurement process and market engagement to purchase innovative highly energy efficient new technologies including a 6-step approach and a LCC-CO2 calculation tool accompanied with a User Guide.
  • Published tender documents, demanding innovative highly energy efficient technologies such as the framework contract published by Associate Partner Greater London Authority in the OJEU in March 2010 on electric vehicles and an online database of tenders that uses pre-procurement approaches.
  • Bring innovative highly energy-efficient environmental technologies, which have just been researched, developed and tested onto the market through the pre-procurement process. Emerging technologies that will be explored include computers (solid state computers), lighting (LED-lighting), electric vehicles, and renewable energy heating and cooling.
  • Local, regional and European events promoting the case studies of SMART SPP and the developed pre-procurement approach, addressing key stakeholders and multipliers in Europe such as local and national governments, business and international associations. Specific training will take place in the new Member States to raise awareness about achievable energy savings through the pre-procurement of innovative technologies.

Lessons learned

  • SMART SPP has been recognised as a leading initiative in the field of innovation through sustainable public procurement (SPP) across Europe over the last 18 months. This can be particularly seen as the implementation phase of the project is also taking place in Austria and Finland which was not foreseen in the project work plan. The Guidance and Tool developed have raised considerable interest among public authorities, including national governements.

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ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH
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Holger Robrecht
+49 761 368920
Philipp Tepper
+49/(0)761-368 920
Ms van Staden Maryke
Mr. Santhosh Kodukula
+49 288 97 62 99 - 54
Ms Maryke van Staden
+49-761 / 368 92 0
Mr Mark Hidson
+49 761 36892-0
Mark Hidson
0049 761 36992-0


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01/09/2008 to 31/08/2011
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