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Strategies to promote small scale hydro electricity production in Europe (SMART)

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Small Hydro Power (SHP) generation is an important way to reduce the greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions, but there are many non-technological barriers that hinder further development of this mature technology. The SMART project address important barriers for the expansion of small-scale hydro electricity production in Europe, e.g. the lack of suitable support tools able to create a clear view of the SHP potential in the territory, the complexity of the legal/administrative processes to obtain concessions, the economical/financial attraction of private investors. The main objective is to give clear contributions to pull down these barriers, and eventually to provide tools for local authority decision-makers to promote SHP in their regions. SMART, led by five local authorities, specifically addresses the issue of studying strong and weak points on local procedures, and, through cooperation among these regions, the identification of simplified procedures for the concessions to derive water for electricity production. Moreover, it aims at developing methodologies and tools to better communicate and increase the interest of private and public stakeholders to invest in SHP plant.


  • Reduction of legal barriers through the implementation of clear/standard administrative procedures to obtain SHP concessions
  • Raising awareness among public administrations & related institutions concerning small scale hydro electricity potential in their own territory
  • Increase the interest of stakeholders to invest in SHP, also through private/public join initiatives
  • Improvement in the management of water resources
  • Disseminating information on the benefits and success stories of small hydropower through the involvement of stakeholders

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Provincia di Cremona
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Mara Pesaro


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15/01/2008 to 14/01/2011
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