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Stream Map for Small Hydropower in the EU (SHP STREAMMAP)

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The action aims at defining a clear and consistent Stream Map for the small hydropower sector (SHP: Small HydroPower refers to hydropower plants with an installed capacity of 10 MW) in Europe, applicable to the current prospects of the ongoing EU Energy and Climate Packet regulations based on the real situation of the SHP sector at present and the recommendations for the future. In view of the application of the RES Directive and the National Action Plans that need to be submitted by EU Member States to the European Commission by June 2010, it is of high need to promote an EU action on the relevance of this sector as contributor to 2020 targets. In order to reach this goal, the project will set-up a central database of data on hydropower (HYDI, Hydro Data Initiative), which will include the most relevant information on the sector.


  • The action will group the sectors' needs, barriers and challenges in a common, centralised, accurate and realistic way offering a valuable reference in terms of monitoring the success of the RES-Directive implementation and the targets set for 2020.
  • The action will support the gathering of reliable data of the hydropower technology including quantifications of each market, potential, trends, installed capacity, energy production, fees, prices, capital and operation and maintenance costs, timeframes and rates of projects approvals in the context of the concessions and the authorisation process.
  • This collection of data and information will be done in a concentrated and concise way by making use of a database on hydro information, HYDI (Hydro Data Initiative).
  • Publication of a Stream Map for SHP, supporting national and local policymakers in view of the application of the RES Directive and the National Action Plans that need to be submitted by EU Member States.
  • Targeted dissemination orf the results and achievements of the project (e.g. database) as well as well structured promotional activities to maximise the EU impact.

Lessons learned

  • (Last update: 03.11.11) As the first hydropower schemes were constructed before collecting energy statistics was initiated this information is still today not profoundly available in all the EU member states.In some member states data is gathered centrally, in some regionally.Moreover, hydropower is not divided into small and large hydropower with equal definitions. This has posed some real challenges for the first time in history to try to collect this information in a systematic manner.
  • In the work plan the setting up of the HYDI database was planned to be done before the data collection exercise. However, only with the lessons learnt from the first round of data collection it was possible to see how the database should be structured. Therefore, many changes needed to be made to the database during and after the first round of data collection. This required several meetings with IT expert and several adjustments to both questionnaires and database structure.
  • Most partners have several member states under their responsibility. The language difficulties with data collection and need for translation work has not been taken into account neither in the budget (no budget for translation) nor in the staff hours. One of the aims of this project is to gather data and also disseminate information at local level and in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, even France and Germany this is simply not possible without translating the working documents.

Partners and coordinator

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European Small Hydropower Association
Contact point: 
Christine Lins
0032 2 546 19 45


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01/06/2009 to 30/06/2012
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