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A Schools panel for High Energy Efficiency Products (SHEEP)

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SHEEP aimed at increasing the market share of energy-efficient using products (EuP) by valorising the position of some key actors such as technical and commercial schools, sales personnel, trade and commercial associations etc. so that they can better inform and support consumers in the more sustainable purchase/use of EuP. Objectives included: - strengthening the knowledge and skills of the schools and EuP market operators in aspects such as SCP, LCA, Eco- and energy labels; - increasing the active involvement of market actors; - sharing experiences and recommendations with policy makers; - promoting the adoption of the 'SHEEP' concept during and after the project. As a result, the current and future market actors (the pupils) become instrumental in the SHEEP campaigns where: - schools act toward families (pupils included); - pupils act toward consumers (web platforms); - associations act toward market actors; - sellers and the installers act toward their customers. To facilitate integration of various activities, regional workgroups were organised.


  • Awareness, market data and other information from initial surveys: 5,961 questionnaires collected from families, 62 from schools, 35 from policy makers, 160 from installers, 93 shops, 22 from manufacturers, 65 from energy agencies.
  • Training activities. Germany: 12,405 students. Greece : 2,100 students, 10,200 families, 30,600 consumers. Bulgaria: 4,800 students. Romania: 9,320 students, 10,000 families. Italy: 5,209 students.
  • Training of 277 sellers, 304 installers, 127 manufacturers, 75 associations and 68 policy makers.
  • 2,000 social media fans.

Lessons learned

  • SHEEP was relevant for marketing of EuP topics and energy labels as students are creative (e.g. in video contests).
  • Schools are very interested to cooperate but administrative aspects and reporting activities of a European Project are difficult to handle for them. A lot of support and capacity building is necessary.
  • Market actors are not always interested in collaborating with schools. A lot of effort has been put to engage manufacturers, shops and installers.

Partners and coordinator

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Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale "Alessandro Rossi"
Contact point: 
Mr Lorenzo Gaggino
+39 0444 500566


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01/06/2010 to 31/05/2013
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