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Social Housing Action to Reduce Energy Consumption (SHARE)

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This project aimed to increase the sustainability of energy use, minimise carbon emissions, limit uncomfortable temperatures and reduce fuel bills in social housing. To achieve these goals it raised awareness of economic benefits, developed retrofitting methods that address energy concerns, examined possible changes in behaviour, maximised financial and technical resources, promoted good practices and encouraged the sharing of experiences.


  • SHARE Forums were set up for each of the eight countries involved. They meet about once every quarter with the aim of developing solutions to problems related to sustainable and affordable energy and involve social landlords, contractors, installers, architects, building services engineers and statutory agencies, among other local actors, working together with the residents.
  • Training sessions took place, involving over 1 000 participants, mainly residents, but also energy experts, building managers, housing funds, local authorities, teachers and architecture students.
  • Awareness and advice plans on existing materials and good practices for each participating country were produced.
  • A series of case studies covering the forums, training and awareness campaigns has been made available on the project website.

Lessons learned

  • The forums provided a great chance for participants to network, share ideas and experiences or to simply catch up on the latest news and technological advances. The forums also coordinated training sessions and awareness campaigns to promote a range of energy advice services. This included telephone advice lines, fact sheets, home visits and advice surgeries.
  • The availability of relevant training varied a great deal in different regions, hence the importance of tailoring the training to local needs, ensuring that it is relevant and complementary to any training that already exists. The forums are a good basis for identifying, planning and publicising the training programmes.
  • Managers in social housing have a whole host of other issues to cope with other than energy, such as anti-social behaviour, property and funding issues. The SHARE forums were useful as they allow managers to share information, catch up with the latest technological updates, discuss problems and reduce the risk and costs of procurement.

Partners and coordinator

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Severn Wye Energy Agency Limited
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Catrin Maby
0044 01594 545 360
Mike Brain
00 44 (0) 1452 835 074
Mr Andy Bull
0044 01982 551006
Catrin Maby
004401594 545 360
Rachel Close
0001594 545 369


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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2008
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