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Sharing Expertise in Energy Advice across Europe (SERENADE)

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Good quality energy advice is essential to the achievement of sustainable energy objectives, to motivate and enable consumers to install energy efficiency measures, purchase energy efficient products, and change behaviour. However, earlier work has indicated that, while good examples exist, the provision of energy advice may be variable and inconsistent across the European Community. The SErENADE project brings together several experienced advice providers to: Study and review existing advice provision in Europe; Make know-how on delivering advice easily available through an online energy advice toolkit and forum for exchange of knowledge and experience between skilled practitioners and new providers; Deliver a pro-active dissemination programme to promote the benefits of advice and the resources available In terms of advice subject matter, the project is concerned with energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transportation/mobility. Three client groups are considered: households, small and medium enterprises and local authorities.


  • Information for the first time about the real scope of energy advice provision in Europe
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of energy advice, the skills and tools required and the methodologies that may be used
  • A resource to enable good quality provision of energy advice to be extended across the Community, through provision of a toolkit and links to established and successful services
  • An improvement in the overall quality of the energy advice services provided by the partners, by learning from each other
  • The establishment of an ongoing platform for exchange of information and experience on energy advice

Lessons learned

  • The awareness and understanding of what advice consists of in practice varies a great deal. At one extreme providers consider that issuing an information leaflet is sufficient, while at the other end of the scale there are quality controlled services with set standards of service, defined targets to reach and planned marketing and outreach programmes
  • There is significant potential for further development of energy advice in Europe. The level of existing provision can be summarised as: Around a third of countries in EU27 have no or very little energy advice provision; Around a third have fairly well developed services; Around a third have limited services (eg in geographical coverage, client group or approach)
  • The energy advice programmes that exist can be broadly categorised as: Networks of local delivery agents with central coordination; Centralised, information-oriented; Consultancy-based (such as audits); Services for specific target groups only (such as apartment-owners or families on low income); Project-based (tending to be short term); Ad-hoc/occasional (such as local energy agencies with small personnel resources).

Partners and coordinator

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Severn Wye Energy Agency Limited
United Kingdom
Contact point: 
Catrin Maby
0044 01594 545 360
Mike Brain
00 44 (0) 1452 835 074
Mr Andy Bull
0044 01982 551006
Catrin Maby
004401594 545 360
Rachel Close
0001594 545 369


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01/01/2006 to 29/02/2008
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