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SEGmented Marketing for ENergy efficient Transport (SEGMENT)

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SEGMENT is a 3 year project which will test the use of Market Segmentation in persuading people to change their behaviour and adopt more energy efficient forms of transport. It will focus on the use of life change ‘trigger points’ which force consumers to question travel habits, alongside a detailed market segmentation approach to magnify the impact of mobility management campaigns. 7 Partner cities will use the framework of the project to test the methodology, which will be developed by 1 expert partner; and in particular to establish whether the approach can be successful using limited market data. SEGMENT will build capacity to implement behaviour change campaigns across Europe. An extensive dissemination programme will be coordinated by 1 dissemination partner.


  • - 3 successful campaigns implemented in each city (7), as measured by surveys, leading to a 10% overall modal shift in each city
  • - 80% increase in skills (attitudinal market sub-segments surveys) for 2 staff members in each partner city, and 80% increase in skills (targeted attitudinal sub-segments marketing campaigns) for 3 staff members in each partner city
  • - over 200 European practitioners introduced to SEGMENT methodologies as part of mobility management training
  • - local sustainable mobility partnerships developed in 7 cities: decision makers and key stakeholders aware and proactively supportive of SEGMENT actions

Lessons learned

  • - Life-change moments are an effective trigger for segmented marketing
  • - Each campaign has to be carefully designed
  • - Tools have been developed so that other cities can short-cut. Online "golden questions" economically collect the key data: no need for expensive surveys

Partners and coordinator

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London Borough of Hounslow
United Kingdom
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Mr Mark Frost


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19/04/2010 to 18/04/2013
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