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Strategies for development and diffusion of Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers (SEEDT)

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The aim of SEEDT was to promote the use of energy-efficient distribution transformers (DTs). Potential annual electricity savings in Europe from DTs are estimated to be around 22 TWh as far as utilities are concerned (which is the equivalent if 9 million tons of CO2) and 5 TWh in industry and the tertiary sector. Together this is equivalent to the output of the EU's three largest coal-fired electricity plants, or the consumption of 5.1 million homes. Strategies for achieving these savings will include labelling, standards, and voluntary agreements. Manufacturers, utility companies, industries, and buildings managers will be targeted with information campaigns.


  • Round table discussions have been organised in six countries and attended by policy-makers, electricity utilities, energy producers and transformer manufacturers. International workshops were organised in Paris and Prague. The goals of SEEDT have been promoted at energy conferences in four countries. Four biannual newsletters have been produced.
  • A web-based tool has been developed for the calculation of energy loss in distribution transformers and the comparison of different transformers, taking into account both financial and environmental parameters.
  • Three models for energy labelling of DTs have been developed, as well as another for calculating the energy saving potential and CO2 emission reductions under different policy scenarios. Measures for the gradual replacement of the existing DTs have been proposed.
  • Project managers have suggested regulatory changes in EU countries and the introduction of a mandatory minimum efficiency standard.
  • A technical guide has been distributed giving advice to DT users on how to choose them. It contains tools for the analysis of the additional production cost as well as the economic benefits resulting from energy savings.

Lessons learned

  • Collection of data on existing distribution transformers has almost been finished. The results from the data collected so far indicate valuable contribution to existing knowledge about European distribution transformer fleet
  • The existing situation on energy efficiency for the distribution transformers in almost all European countries has been analyzed. Current strategies have been shared among partners and barriers in applying energy efficient DTs have been examined
  • Market actors, such as decision makers, sales personnel and engineers, have been brought together in the 1st round table discussions and meetings in all participating countries as well as on EU level, in order to enhance energy efficient DTs. Valuable knowledge has been gained from these discussions

Partners and coordinator

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National Technical University of Athens
Contact point: 
Frangiskos Topalis
0030 210 7723627
John Psarras
+30 210 7723551
Prof. John Psarras
+30 210 772 3551


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01/01/2006 to 30/06/2008
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