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Energy Service Communities in New Member States - Sustainable Energy Development at Local Level Energy Planning & Financing Tools (SEC-TOOLS)

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The SEC-Tools action was dedicated to meeting the large need for energy efficiency improvement and further use of renewable energy in communities of New Member States and Accession Countries. A core part of the action concerned the elaboration of generic tools with a view to encourage qualified sustainable energy thinking and practices. The key target groups were small communities of 3,000 to 30,000 inhabitants. The tools were tested in nine communities in Latvia, Lithuania, Eastern Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria and the project resulted in a 'Toolbox' on energy planning, activation of the energy market and mobilisation of end-users at local level. The action included a broad set of dissemination activities to help ensure the spread of the developed tools and lessons learnt at broad scale.


  • A main result of the action is the elaboration of a generic Toolbox with proven, well described tools for sustainable energy communities ready to be adapted in communities
  • In parallel with this the action entailed undertaking of specific actions in the pilot communities within the three axes of Sustainable Energy Communities: Local energy planning, activation of the energy market and end-user mobilisation
  • The elaboration and testing of the toolbox was accompanied by various dissemination activities, such as a project website, regular e-newsletters, European and local events, SEC-Tools package for media and videos on good SEC practices
  • The project produced a series of videos that aim to encourage municipalities in taking up the challenge of good SEC practice
  • The elaboration of generic tools in parallel to the implementation of pilot actions in 9 communities provided a strong push for improving the basis for SEC operations in New Member States

Lessons learned

  • General awareness of small and medium-sized communities still needs to be increased, the capacity level is still insufficient and current social and financial related problems often block long-term visionary thinking. The consortium recommends to develop an assistance for these communities through Technical Service Facilities, which in addition to develop and maintain local adapted toolboxes and dissemination of relevant materials, offer specific assistance to the communities
  • The toolbox needs to be accompanied with follow-up services in order to achieve the desired effects. The SEC-TOOLS helpdesk has been a means to materialise this and close cooperation with the local actors in the communities have been maintained.

Partners and coordinator

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Energy Consulting Network ApS
Contact point: 
Nils Daugaard
Nils Daugaard
0045 2826 5655
Mr Nils Daugaard
+45 3250 8800


In brief

01/01/2006 to 31/12/2008
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