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Sustainable Energy Citizenships (SEC)

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In three target regions, the District of Ebersberg, Germany, the Communities of communes Feurs en Forez and Collines du Matin, France, and the Salzburg Lake District, Austria, road-maps towards sustainable regional energy supply were set-up on the basis of SWOT-analysis and RES and RUE potential assessments, involving a broad range of citizens and local stakeholders from the outset. The road-maps were unanimously accepted by the political authorities. Newly created and existing organisations received the mandate and clear responsibilities to implement the road-maps. The latter include lighthouse projects whose implementation was started, already contributing today significantly to a more sustainable energy supply. The project included intensive dissemination activities within the target regions and beyond. A particular focus was on Poland were the larger area of Łódź could be won as a replicator area which follows now similar aims as the first three target areas of the project.


  • ambitious regional road-maps towards sustainable energy supply with clear objectives, milestones and lighthouse projects have been set up in three regions in Germany, France and Austria;
  • in May 2010 the already implemented installations that can be traced back to the project produce 10.4 GWh heat and electricity annually; including planned installations, 125 GWh will be achieved during the next years;
  • implementation structures with clearly defined responsibilities were defined for the road-maps;
  • the English and Polish translation of the handbook "On the way to the 100% region" was produced and can be ordered from the Polish project partner IPIEO ( );
  • further, a broad range of public materials, giving guidance to potential replicator regions, has been put on the project website;

Lessons learned

  • When formulating a vision for the energy supply of a region "thinking big" can recommended: even if many will consider an ambitious aim, such as the 100% supply from renewable energy sources, rather symbolic than realistic, such a vision can trigger decisively a regional dynamics which is a fundamental precondition for achieving the defined objectives.
  • If many citizens are successfully involved in regional processes, the chance exists to reintegrate even measures that have been categorically excluded in advance, e.g. wind parks, as elements of a wider package of measures and actions. It is important that the dissemination activities about such critical elements are very comprehensive and leave room for controversial debates and the discussion of critical aspects. If possible, site visits to other regions with installations should be organised.
  • It is important to define an implementation structure for the developed action plans. Here, people who are already (voluntarily) active in the field of sustainable energy should be involved and the establishment of duplicate structures should be avoided. If, for instance, an already existing working group is nominated to be the implementation structure, it is important that the nomination is politically legitimised by the relevant institution, e.g. district or community assembly.

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B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH
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01/09/2007 to 31/05/2010
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