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Adding to SEAP – more participants, more content across Europe (SEAP-PLUS)

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Covenant of Mayors (CoM) holds a pivotal role in achieving the targets of 20-20-20 by 2020 set by the EU Climate Action and Energy Package. Nevertheless, due to a number of barriers, municipalities in many countries are hesitant in adhering to the CoM or preparing and implementing the necessary Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). SEAP-PLUS aims at enhancing CoM results and impacts through the increase of both Covenant Supporters and CoM signatories. Six pairs of regional partners were created to facilitate direct transfer of knowledge and know-how from experienced partners to learning ones. These partners in turn support a large number of local authorities in achieving ambitious energy goals. Local authorities were mobilized to participate in a large number of events and activities and receive technical help to prepare and implement more and better SEAPs. In addition, collaboration with the respective Energy Stakeholders, for access to reliable and localized energy data, is being fostered through specific actions.


  • Twinning approach, including staff exchanges, leading to the creation of 4 new Covenant Supporters
  • 90 new CoM signatories, 65 SEAP prepared and adopted, 40 SEAP improved, 12 proposals to funding institutions
  • 36 Memoranda of Cooperation between regions and energy utilities, 220 municipalities and regional authorities participating in Energy Days and other dissemination events
  • Development, collection and dissemination of useful material ( translation of SEAP GUIDEBOOK in Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovenian and Latvian, good practices, methodologies, etc)
  • Reliable localized energy data, promotion of funding opportunities

Lessons learned

  • Experience cannot be directly transferred from one country / region to another, so it is important to understand local needs and conditions.

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Technical Chamber of Greece
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Ms Dimitra Kanellou


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01/04/2012 to 30/09/2014
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