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Delivering offshore electricity to the EU: spatial planning of offshore renewable energies and electricity infrastructures in and integrated EU maritime policy (SEANERGY 2020)

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The SEANERGY 2020 project will formulate concrete policy recommendations on how to best deal with maritime spatial planning (MSP) and remove MSP obstacles that stand against the deployment of offshore power generation. The project focuses particularly on offshore renewable energy technologies and related grid infrastructure. It will provide policy recommendations for a more coordinated approach of the MSP and for a larger deployment of offshore renewable (wind, wave, tidal). These recommendations will be promoted and addressed to different national, regional and European authorities; they will also be disseminated to the different maritime users through specific bilateral meetings and workshops organised in four different sea basins (Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic and North).


  • Selection of good examples of national MSP practices, based on 7 criteria;
  • n-depth analysis of the different international MSP instruments and their compatibility with the implementation of offshore renewable power generation;
  • Policy recommendations for developing existing and potentially new international MSP instruments, key findings on transnational MSP, benefits and barriers and policy recommendations for new approaches;
  • Policy meetings with representatives of governments at national level, international organizations and European institutions;
  • Final publication containing all project main key results, conclusions, messages and recommendations, website, final workshop.

Lessons learned

  • The subject of maritime spatial planning is a new concept that requires a lot of in-depth analysis, and a careful consideration of all important players in the field, including offshore renewables;
  • MSP can support the further development and deployment of offshore renewables. However, the work carried out by the SEANERGY 2020 project shows that current national MSP efforts are largely fragmented with little emphasis on cross-border consultation or planning, whilst international instruments have limited possibilities for encouraging transnational coordination;
  • The current legal framework related to maritime issues and offshore exploitation is quite extensive, with different legal forces and jurisdictional values, which may be a source of uncertainty and confusion for project developers. The EU level for action on MSP ( i.e. regional and/or transnational) is deemed to be the most appropriate way forward for future policy developments.

Partners and coordinator

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European Wind Energy Association
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Dorina Iuga
0032 2 546 19 88
Mrs. Dorina Iuga
+32 2 230 18 09
Gloria Rodrigues
0032 2 546.19.40
Dorina Iuga
32 2 546 19 88


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01/05/2010 to 30/04/2012
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