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SAVE@Work4Homes - Supporting European Housing Tenants in Optimising Resource Consumption (SAVE@WORK4HOMES)

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The project aimed to help tenants improve their energy awareness by encouraging them to monitor consumption and by providing them with information including heating data and data analyses. Notebooks for property managers and a handbook for tenants were planned.


  • The project has designed and developed a set of Energy Awareness Services for their tenants and implemented them in six pilot sites managed by six social housing companies in Europe.
  • The services were tested in the 2008-2009 heating season. The evaluation results can be found on the project website.
  • A guide to service introduction, presenting the SAVE@Work4Homes services and intended for the European landlords, is also available on the project website.
  • A video of the project has been produced to facilitate the dissemination of the results to all the European social housing organisations and to stimulate them to develop similar services to their tenants.
  • The main documents of the project are also available in the database of the POWER HOUSE Europe project ( which is dedicated to the dissemination of all European projects interesting the social housing companies.

Lessons learned

  • Changing tenants’ behaviour is an essential component of achieving significant energy savings in social housing. The project has demonstrated that the potential in energy savings is very large, in particular, as many people appear to be largely unaware of the many ways in which heat can be wasted in the home. The evaluation of tools developed and implemented during the project showed that changes in behaviour can be achieved.
  • Consumption-based billing for heating is insufficient to help tenants to combat waste, because the time between the energy saving action and the bill is too long (1year). The project demonstrated that even tenants who are aware of environmental and energy issues face many difficulties in translating them into action. Tenants surveyed consider that social housing companies could help by giving them more accurate information about their consumption and advice on how to reduce it.
  • Services and tools developed in SAVE@Work4Homes will assist tenants in adapting their behaviour to a more efficient use of energy. The evaluation process demonstrated that savings were achieved. For example savings of heating energy in Karlsruhe were very significant with a rate of heating savings close to 10% (16% of for the experimental group against 4% to 7% for the two control groups). Services were provided for other energy types, especially electricity, and also for cold water.

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empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung
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Simon / Werner B. Robinson / Korte


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2008
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