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Promotion of the use of renewable energies small scale systems in mountain territories (RURAL-RES)

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RURAL-RES aims to promote renewable electricity production by supporting local development of grid-connected mini-hydro power plants and off-grid mini-wind installations in mountainous areas of the EU. It aims to demonstrate that these energy resources can be exploited without compromising Environmental Protection. Six partners from Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy and Sweden, along with the European Association for Small Hydro, in Belgium, will work to demonstrate the viability of mini-hydro and mini-wind in mountainous areas through the identification of Best Practices, mapping and analysis of potential, pre-feasibility studies, and dissemination of results to training and educational centres.


  • - The consortium has managed to bring together 15 Best Practice from countries across Europe of varied type and application in both minihydro and miniwind. - Maps showing the potential for the two technologies in the 6 territories have been completed. - Combined reports on MiniWind and MiniHydro completed for the territories to be used as part of the training package in both english and in the native partner languages.
  • - A Training Package completed which is available online for Training Centres, students and interested citizens, to be maintained an updated by the Diputacion of Huelva. - 22 installation agreements reached. 6 for MiniHydro and 16 for MiniWind Two of the 22 installation agreements have already been undertaken.
  • - Agreements with 19 Training Centres across the EU. 4 more achieved after project aswell.
  • - A stakeholders list of over 1000 contacts has been developed.
  • - During the project the consortium engaged with at least: 702 Decision-makers, 240 Representatives of the Energy Sector, 106 Opinion Multipliers 52 Representatives of Training Centers, and over 3000 Citizens.

Lessons learned

  • - Small wind turbines and small hydro installations can be successfully integrated in rural and mountainous areas. The RuralRES Good Practices show that through intelligent use of existing infrastructure, and careful site selection, environmental issues can be reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • - There is a considerable knowledge gap in training centres and amongst citizens of these two technology types. The very high interest of Training centres and need for materials has been highlighted by the project, with a very good response in numbers of training agreements reached. More such projects and campaigns are recommended.
  • - More, clearer and possibly common EU legislation is required to encourage more small-scale uptake of these technologies. There is often the desire to install but the feasibility varies dramatically from country to country depending on legislation. Common european legislation and norms for these smaller technologies would be advantageous, over and above the requirement of the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC in just simplifying authorization procedures.

Partners and coordinator

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Diputación Provincial de Huelva
Contact point: 
Isabel Brito
0034 95 9494645
Isabel Brito
0034 959 49 46 45


In brief

01/10/2008 to 31/03/2011
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