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Renewable Energy Sustainable Programs for Intelligent Rural Electrification and Poverty Alleviation (RESIREA)

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The RESIREA program aims to promote wide-scale access to electricity in rural areas in Lower Mekong Countries to contribute to poverty alleviation. Three different provinces are targeted: Kampong Thom in Cambodia, Oudomxay in Laos and Dak Nong in Vietnam. RESIREA proposes to: - Implement an innovative methodology based on the cross-analysis of technical and economical parameters, which will identify the most suitable zones and give a clear visibility to potential investors. - Define ready to implement electrification programmes, financially sustainable and interesting for local operators and submit them to private operators and financial agencies, - Train decision makers and national / provincial actors in renewable technologies and Decentralized Rural Electrification planning - Communicate the results and feed back of the studies. The total population targeted by RESIREA is estimated at 150 000 people, that is to say that the final programmes will concern about 40 villages per country.


  • Meet the need of electricity in rural areas for domestic use (households), social use (health centres, schools), and productive use (shops, mills, economic activities…), which contribute to fight against poverty (improvement of living, health and education conditions, economic stimulation of the local development),
  • Remove barriers to large scale rural electrification programmes through renewable energies,
  • Heighten the awareness of populations and private operators about the possibilities of off-grid electrification through renewable energies,
  • Compile of a database for each province that can be used for future programs,
  • Enable the commitment of South East Asia and the European Community decision makers, investors and financing institutions in the implementation of programmes proposed.

Lessons learned

  • The analysis of the feedback of other DRE projects carried out in the provinces shows that, to define sustainable programmes, special care has to be taken on Trainings of future users, local administration and local technicians.
  • Important role also plays involvement of private entrepreneurs in the implementation and operation of DRE projects, in the frame of Public-Private partnerships.
  • Selection of the targeted zones should be focused on villages where the demand of energy and capacities of payment are high, to make sure that electricity will act as a lever for poverty alleviation and development. Last updated: 10.08.2010

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Fondation des Energie pour le Monde
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Yves Maigne
0033 144 187 323
Yves Maigne
0033 1 44 18 00 8
Yves Maigne
0033 144 187 323


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01/01/2007 to 31/12/2009
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