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Introduction of Renewable Energies in Building Sector (RESINBUIL)

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The RESINBUIL project encourages the use of small scale renewable energy appliances in buildings in four provinces of Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Romania. Its main target groups are local authorities, business associations, constructors, professional associations and the general public. The project partners analysed the current development rates and market barriers before implementing a threefold strategy consisting of: - Development of new local markets through regulatory shifts (including local tax cuts) as well as commercial agreements between installers and local banks with Energy Agencies as intermediates - Promotion through permanent appliance exhibitions in Spain and Slovenia and through a 4-month awareness-raising campaign using radio messages, local TV spots, posters, etc. - Training courses on renewable energy sources in buildings at the University of Burgos (Master’s level) and online courses for architects and engineers in the other participating countries.


  • Increased installation of small scale RES applications in buildings in the participating regions
  • Promotion of new/modified legal ordinances to support RES in buildings, by having meetings with City Councils representatives and other key actors. Commercial agreements for the favourable purchase and/or installation of RES in buildings, Agencies having acted like intermediaries between banks and installers
  • Promotion of the use of RES in buildings by means of awareness campaigns, successful permanent small RES application exhibitions and workshops

Lessons learned

  • Increasing interest in the introduction of RES among architects and engineers
  • The construction sector (promoters and constructors) is reticent to install RES in buildings. Anyhow, the best argument to convince them is that customers ask for it when buying a house
  • General public is the best tool to promote RE in buildings. Local authorities are aware about the need to install RE in buildings and are a good tool to reach general public. Last uploaded: 24.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Asociación Agencia Provincial para el Control de la Energía de Burgos
Contact point: 
Ricardo Pizarro Villanueva
0034 947 040629
Ricardo Pizarro
0034 947 04 06 28 / 0034 947 04 06 29


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01/01/2006 to 29/02/2008
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