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Economic grid support from variable renewables (RESERVICES)

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RESERVICES addresses changes in the future European power system:
  • High share of variable renewables → changed needs and opportunities for providing ancillary services
  • Electricity market liberalisation, including market and grid-related Network Codes and market coupling need for development of an ancillary services market
The main objective is to establish a reference basis and policy recommendations for future network codes and market design in the area of ancillary services from variable renewables.Short-term impact: European harmonised cost basis for Ancillary Services provided by wind and solar PV.Long-term impact: Efficient functioning EU single electricity market with cost-efficient integration of variable renewables and increased grid management and system security.Methodology:
  • Part I: analysis of both system needs for ancillary services, and of the techno-economic aspects of provision of ancillary services by wind and solar PV
  • Part II: case studies to investigate the need for services in the different scenarios and the costs and options to deliver these services.
Novelty actions in this project:
  • Assess system needs at high penetration levels and set common terminology
  • Assess both wind and solar PV
  • Simulate future systems on Transmission and Distribution level
Target groups: System operators, energy regulators, policy makers, market parties, renewables industry.


  • Needs and opportunities for providing ancillary services by wind and solar PV in scenarios with high renewables penetration (50% and up), backed up by simulations in representative areas of Europe.
  • Specific costs of ancillary services as provided to network operators by wind (offshore and onshore) and solar PV installed at transmission and distribution level.
  • Recommendations on economic aspects and cross border trading aspects of provision of ancillary services by wind and solar PV in view of designing a European market for ancillary services;
  • Interaction with relevant stakeholders by thematic workshops in various regions in Europe, papers, publications, etc.

Lessons learned

  • Technical and regulatory constrains to the development of a market for ancillary services.

Partners and coordinator

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European Wind Energy Association
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Wokke Sharon


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01/04/2012 to 30/09/2014
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