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Creating Renewable Energy Market-Places for Investors and Regional Actors in Rural Areas (RES MARKET-PLACES)

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‘RES market places’ supports the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficient (EE) measures in new construction projects and in the refurbishment of buildings in rural areas throughout the EU. In order to encourage RES/EE uptake, private and public investors need to be informed of the possibilities. The project sets out to bring together decision makers and end consumers on the one hand, and suppliers/service providers on the other hand , to develop common activities. This is mainly done by ‘virtual’ market places (VMP), perhaps through web pages on the internet, for renewable energy in rural areas. These regional market places offer lists of suppliers and service providers, information on renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions and model projects, as well as help on how to get financial support etc.


  • Creation of seven regional virtual market places. The creation of websites for each of the target regions in the language of the country concerned to encourage the potential end-user to consider RES/EE in the planning of new construction projects and in the refurbishment of buildings;
  • Bringing together of suppliers and end-users;
  • Identification of different target structures and groups in each of the regions involved, for example: in Austria commercial buildings, in Germany new homes, in Italy farmers;
  • Setting-up of a database of key players in industrial and financial sectors with a view to sending out mail shots to update them on changes in the virtual market place;.
  • Regional successes include several thousand participants in the seminars and conferences organised in the frame of the project, excursions for architects in Germany, direct mailing to 170 local authorities and 1691 companies in Austria, workshops for farmers in Slovenia, Italy and Sweden, information campaigns for hoteliers in Ireland, the project was presented various times in the Basque media, including radio and television. Regional successes include several thousand participants in th

Lessons learned

  • To learn how other countries handle the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency as well as they force it.
  • To create regional market places from the beginning (choice of agencies, logo and layout) up to the end (a finished website).
  • The use of existing networks in the participating regions is very helpful to create virtual market places. Last updated: 24.06.2010

Partners and coordinator

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Gertec GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft
Contact point: 
Andreas Hübner
0049 201 24564-51
Andreas Hübner
0049 201 245 64 51


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01/01/2005 to 30/09/2007
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